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The JACS Harness has been designed with a unique modular mounting system, enabling multiple interchangeable components to be attached. There are up to 11 different carrying configurations to choose from, dependent on the package purchased.

The Side Release Buckle connections and MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carry Equipment) webbing loops, allow for quick and easy configuration changes, so you can tailor the JACS for each individual mission.

Modular Military Tactical BabyCarrierModular Military BabyCarrier

Modular Tactical Baby Carrier Backpack

Choose from the following set-ups:
Harness + Baby-Carrier (front mounted)
Harness + Baby-Carrier (back mounted)
Harness + Baby_Carrier (front mounted) + Backpack
Harness + Baby_Carrier (front mounted) + Chest-Pouch (rear - low position)
Harness + Baby_Carrier (front mounted) + Chest-Pouch (rear - high position)
Harness + Baby-Carrier (back mounted) + Chest-Pouch
Harness + Baby-Carrier (back mounted) + Backpack (front mounted)
Harness + Backpack + Chest-Pouch (non-babycarrying option)
Harness + Chest-Pouch (non-babycarrying option)
Harness + Backpack (non-babycarrying option)
Backpack (off system - non-babycarrying option)