Some other Tactical Babycarriers use cheaper lower grade fabrics such as 600D Cordura - Nylon - or Cotton to make their products. 

That's not good enough for us! 

We use stronger and more durable 1000D Cordura - giving your gear more weather and abrasion resistance - because only the best will do for a JACS! And it's all backed up with our Lifetime Warranty. (click link for more info)

Your adventures shouldn't need to stop because of a bit of rain - or because your carrier can't handle going off road. JACS is built tough - to handle things even when the weather gets a bit rough.

Every JACS is manufactured with high spec military grade materials, including: high tension rot-proof thread, 3D spacer mesh breathable padding. The JACS features side release buckle connections, and has plenty of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) style webbing loops for attaching accessories, and karabiner attachments. 

We also use 12KN load tested Karabiners for the babycarrier unit sidestrap connections.


Designed and built to an exacting high standard, all components of The JACS are rigorously inspected at every stage of their construction.

We hand assemble every JACS right here in the UK - checking every part for quality and safety - before it gets packaged up and dispatched to its new owner. 

If it doesn't pass our quality checks - it doesn't get sent out to you.

The JACS has been independently safety tested and certified to EN 13209-2:2005 standards.

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