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The JACS features a unique mounting platform, duplicated on both the front and back of the Harness, allowing for a high degree of interchangeability of carrying components. 

Each key component of The JACS has been designed to provide a Modular, Adaptable, Durable, and Expandable baby and equipment carrying platform. Manufactured from military grade materials, and Safety Tested to EN 13209-2:2005 standards, The JACS is ready to face the toughest parenting challenges. 

The JACS Starter Package includes the Harness, Baby-Carrier, and Standard 12 Litre Backpack. Optional extras, such as the Chest-Pouch and Back-Carry Straps, can be added at a later stage.

The JACS Complete Package includes the Harness, Baby-Carrier, 12 Litre Backpack, plus the Chest-Pouch and Back-Carry Straps, and a spare babycarrier liner, as standard. 


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Modular Tactical BabyCarrier
Tactical Babycarrier
Modular Tactical BabyCarrier BackpackModular Tactical BabyCarrier