JACS Kickstarter Campaign

JACS Tactical Baby Carrier Banner


We recently ran a crowdfunding launch campaign on Kickstarter. Why did we do this?

Well, we wanted to generate enough interest and pre-orders to be able to

start our first production run, prior to bringing the JACS to market.

Thanks to our Amazing Supporters on the campaign, and others who pre-ordered through

the website, we hit our goal (and then some), so we wanted to extend our thanks

to everyone who joined us on our journey.

This page is all about them!

 We Made It Happen!


Rachelle Lord

Paulo F Jay Rondeau Jake Michael
Liam Grady Chen Hsiang You Phil S Christian J
Sandrine G Shanon Thompson Armelle Ryan C
John H Carine Herman Xinuosx Alex
Thomas Gardiner Alessandro Orru' Marty B Nicole 
Johanna K Jonathan Glendening Shazia Hussain Roch Guillet
Jon Ward Victoria Deadman Gatt Jannis Moabitis Wlachojiannis Peter Hoffer
Klyph P. Kev Bould - for Tads Sandra Hatton Christina B
John Bradley Seb from Little Birdy Clip Emily Hill Fred H
Lynn Finnie Alvin, Faith, Andy & Abby Jill Shipman R Evangelista
Marius Kildedal Matt Barth Charlie Hepworth Slyder1806
Rich B Scott Cranmer Kelvin Chew Sarah K Smith
Kris Cheng Kazuhisa Hiramatsu Ross Mc Steve Eldridge
Dan Claridge Ron D. Nydam Paul Stern Renaud Avisse
Tom M Carol Ann Webb Ivo Balk Grant Fox
Dave Moir Ryan Louise Stanhope Kaz
Walker Adams Matt Hipple Henrik HurrySlowly
Mo Ali M Junge Mrs. Flowers David H
Michael C Vicky Nevin Jen Krebsbach BKL311
Kevin Mace Adrian Ball