JACS Journey

The idea for The JACS first came about in early 2012.

Having taken our first flight with our son, Jack, the idea of developing an innovative and versatile baby carrier design was born. The aim was to create a carrier system that married many of the features of soft-structured harness carriers and backpack mounted framed carriers, the latter being suitable for use with babies from around 12 months onwards, creating a product that was equally at home in urban and outdoor environments.

We wanted to design a babycarrier that did more than simply carry a baby - the aim was to create the ultimate tactical babycarrier!

JACS Baby Carrier Story

The key features that we wanted the product to contain were that it should be:

  • Suitable for use from 3 months to around 3 years – providing security, comfort, and support for the baby/toddler
  • Multi-positional (minimum of front inward/outward facing and back carry positions)
  • Feature accessible multiple storage capability, which is also detachable
  • Ease of use – with familiar connections, fastenings, and adjustment options
  • Comfort – allowing for even weight distribution and support across the back, shoulders, and hips
  • Durable – constructed of weatherproof materials, and be robust enough for a variety of activities
  • Modular – allowing the user to adapt the carrier based on their individual needs
  • Extendable – to allow the carrier system to grow with the child, and beyond, ensuring longevity of use

From the original concept, the adaptive baby-carrier system was created and further developed with the assistance of a design agency.

A number of prototypes stages were completed, in order to further refine the finished product, ensuring that all aspects of functionality and safety were incorporated within the design, prior to safety testing to EN 13209-2:2005 standards.

The result - The JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System.

The JACS design and concept is Patent Pending, Trademarked, and multiple European Registered Community Designs have been granted.

We've had some support and guidance along the way from the following organisations, all of which have helped to bring the JACS to you: