JACS Community

Children are taught from an early age that "Sharing is Caring" - and that's no exception to the way that we do things at JACS.

Being a veteran owned and operated business, we wanted to do what we could to support an organisation that helps fellow veterans in need. With plenty of organisations to choose from, we decided to help one of the lesser known charities, and contribute to their fundraising when and where we could.

Shoulder To Soldier was introduced to us by Alex - one of our very own JACS customers, and a fellow veteran. Rather than pocket the money he saved by using our military discount when buying his JACS, he mentioned that he would be donating the cash to Shoulder To Soldier instead, as he wanted to give something back after receiving support from them.

That selfless attitude struck a chord with us, and after reading about the great work they do for veterans we decided that we wanted to get involved too!

We're proud to support Shoulder to Soldier with the help that they provide. You can read all about them and what they do by clicking on their name or logo on this page.

From sponsoring a month in their 2019 Wildlife Calendar, to providing babycarriers for them to raffle as fundraisers, we'll also be donating a fixed amount for every JACS Starter and Complete Package sold.

As we grow as a business, we also intend to grow the level of support that we provide to Shoulder To Soldier too. Every little helps, so if you would like to get involved too, there are lots of ways to assist them in their mission.



Being part of a team is great - especially when it's a team of likeminded individuals that have the same approach to getting things done .... and done right!

That's why we're now proud Platinum Members of Veteran Owned UK - an awesome online business directory and networking group of fellow veteran owned and operated businesses.

The brainchild of a former British Army Royal Engineer - Veteran Owned UK was set up to help support ex-military business owners through advice and networking, and promoting their products and services through a ventralised platform, and is the UK's leading online portal providing members of the public with access to over Veteran Owned Businesses.

You can support those that have served by using the Veteran Owned UK Directory to source a service or by purchasing a product that you need from a local service provider, retailer, or online store. 

You can read more about them and what they do by clicking on their name or logo on this page.

You'll find JACS on the Homepage and under Stores & Dealers in the Business Directory.