What is the age range for using the JACS Baby Carrier?

As part of standard safety certification - Soft Structured Babycarriers should only be used with babies from 3 months old. Babycarrying prior to 3 months - i.e. from birth - is only advisable where a compatible Insert device is available for a specific brand of carrier.

When used with our JACS Infant Insert Pad - the JACS can be used for carrying babies under 3 months old.

As standard - without the Infant Insert fitted - the JACS can be used with babies from 3 months old, up to approximately 3 years of age. The back-mounted baby-carrier position is suitable from around 9 months, or when your baby can hold their head unsupported.

Is the JACS safe?

Yes. The JACS has been designed to meet or exceed all requirements of the European safety regulation EN 13209-2:2005, and has been independently tested and certified by Bureau Veritas.

The JACS is safety tested and certified for both front and rear carrying positions.

Is the JACS ergonomic?

The JACS has been designed specifically to offer a wider seat base than most multi-positional babycarriers, and has an 18cm wide seat as standard. The carrier unit provides a more structured and well supported seat than other carriers, due to the materials used in manufacturing - coupled with key design elements of our product - the carrier seat base is less prone to stretching and distortion, and provides a greater degree of support than other carriers of this type. Dependent on the age/size of the baby being carried, the JACS babycarrier component will provide a high degree of knee to knee support. As the child grows, the amount of knee to knee support will of course decrease over time. But we’ve got that covered!

During our development of the JACS concept, we carried out extensive research to ensure that the design was suitable and safe. We have followed the advice and recommendations of several organisations that have provided input into topics such as babycarrier design, including the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and have incorporated these into the the JACS where necessary.

The design of the Babycarrier component allows the JACS to have a wider range of carry positions and functionality than typical wide-base carriers that can often only be used for inward facing or front carrying only.

We are also developing a range of accessories, and have recently added height adjustable attachable footrest stirrups to the JACS product range. These provide a greater degree of leg support for older/larger babies and children, as they grow. These can be attached using the front and rear mounted D-rings on the harness, and will provide additional leg support for the child, while also maintaining an optimum seating position.

How many carry positions does the JACS have?

There are three carry positions for the babycarrier component, dependant on the age of the baby or child being carried. Front inward facing, front outward facing, and back-mounted. The JACS Baby-Carrier can be easily connected to both the front or back of the harness using the connection points on either side - front and rear - so you have the option to front carry or back carry your little passenger.

The JACS Babycarrier component features a ventilated head rest that provides full head and neck support for younger babies when being carried in the front mounted inward facing position, and also provides extra support while back carrying older babies and toddlers. The headrest can be folded down and secured in position when carrying babies in the front outward facing position, once they have reached a suitable stage of development and are able to maintain independent head support. The removable 100% cotton babycarrier liner also doubles as a built-in dribble bib for front carry outward facing travel.

With up to 12 different component configuration options to choose from, dependent on the package option, you can set up your JACS to suit you and your child. As well as babycarrying, you can also use your JACS for a wide range of outdoor activities that don't involve having a little person strapped to you. Simply configure the harness, backpack, and chestpouch components to suit your needs, or use the backpack on its own.

What is the weight limit of the JACS?

The JACS can comfortably carry babies/children up to a maximum weight of 15kg (33 lbs). Each individual connection point is designed and tested to carry in excess of 20kg.

In the coming months we will also be submitting the JACS for additional safety testing and certification for carrying above the standard weight limits for typical babycarriers.

I'm Quite Tall/Short - will the JACS fit me? 

The JACS Harness has been designed to fit the average male torso, and can comfortably be worn by users between 160cm and 190cm in height (approx. 5’4” to 6’2”), with a waist to shoulder measurement of between 50cm and 75cm (20"-.30").

The JACS harness is fully adjustable for width, using the two side straps. These allow for a waist/chest adjustment from 32" to 54", with additional adjustment available using the chest strap, to create a more tailored fit after adjusting the side straps. The best fit is for the harness side straps to sit below the ribcage, to allow for the straps to be tightened to reduce harness slippage when load bearing. To minimise this, it also helps if the chest width is slightly wider than the waist.

If you are larger or smaller than the optimum range for the JACS - we offer a Custom JACS option. We can work with you to design a JACS babycarrier that is perfect for you, and built to your specifications.

How do I clean my JACS?

The removable baby carrier liner can be machine washed at low temperature, using a mild detergent. The outer surface of all of the JACS components and associated accessories can also be spot cleaned using a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. The JACS can also be machine washed at low temperatures, using a mild detergent, and air dried. We recommend that the JACS is placed in a pillowcase, or other fabric or mesh bag, and any Karabiners or other detachable connections removed prior to washing, in order to avoid any damage to any of the components or the interior of the washing machine.

Where can I buy the JACS?

Currently, the JACS is only available to buy online via the www.jacs-babycarrier.com website. This allows us to personally inspect each product prior to dispatch, to ensure everything meets our exacting standards. It also means that if you buy a JACS from anywhere else, advertised as new, it will not be a genuine product - as we do not sell via third party sellers or distributors.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Free shipping worldwide is included in the price of your JACS package, and is standard for all orders over GBP £50.

So far, we've dispatched JACS orders to over 53 different countries around the world.All orders are sent using Royal Mail's Domestic or International Tracked and Signed For service - where available. Depending on the shipping destination for your order, it may not always be possible to track your packages progress once it has left the UK, as Royal Mail tracking reference numbers may not be recognised by some domestic postal services.

How do I use my JACS?

Please refer to the downloadable User Instructions (click here) for full details of how to use the JACS.

My child has outgrown the JACS – Can I still use it?

Yes you can. The JACS has been designed to have a second life both during and after baby-carrying duties. The harness, backpack, and chest pouch, plus other accessories, can all be used in a number of different set-up configurations for a variety of activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, and much more. The standard 12 litre backpack can also be used as a stand-alone daysack, using the adaptor straps provided.

What accessories can I buy for my JACS?

As well as additional removable liners for the baby carrier, plus the optional chest pouch and back-carry straps, we also have attachable footrest stirrups, rain/sun screens, infant insert pads, patches, babygrows, and JACS caps available.


My JACS was delivered damaged. How do I exchange it?

Although we visually inspect each JACS prior to shipment, there may be occasions where the product is damaged in transit. Please contact us direct using the website Contact form. We will then advise on the return/exchange process.

What is your refund policy?

Returns can be made within 30 days of the original purchase date, subject to the terms of our Refund Policy.

Why should I register my JACS?

In order to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty on your JACS, you need to register your purchase by completing the website Product Registration form (click here). From time to time, registered users will also be eligible for discounts on accessories and other purchases made through the www.jacs-babycarrier.com website.

Where is the JACS designed and made?

The JACS has been designed in Great Britain. All of our products are constructed by our Manufacturing Partner, a specialist manufacturer and global supplier of a wide range of tactical military and law enforcement equipment, based in China.

At our request, our manufacturer does not supply the JACS pre-assembled and ready for dispatch to customers.

Each individual JACS is hand assembled by us here in the United Kingdom. This allows us to check each component individually for quality and safety, prior to packaging and dispatch.

Can I order a custom/bespoke colour option?

We currently only offer the JACS in a choice of Tactical Black, Coyote Tan, or MARPAT Digital Woodland Multicam as standard. However, other custom colour and camo pattern options are possible as a bespoke order, depending on your requirements and availability of the material to the required specification. You can order a custom JACS via the website Custom JACS page, or email us at info@jacsbabycarrier.co.uk to find out more.

Why does my order confirmation show an estimated dispatch date?

We're an independent small business, so we're currently only able to produce the JACS in small batches. This sometimes means that we might temporarily be out of stock in between production runs - although we try to avoid this where possible. You can still pre-order a JACS via the website, and we will dispatch your order as soon as the new stock arrives.

Do you provide discounts for Military etc.?

We do indeed!

Being a veteran owned and operated business, it is very important for us to do our bit for those currently serving

Unlike other businesses - we don't restrict our discounts to our home country! JACS discounts for serving Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire & rescue services are available worldwide - so everyone who serves can benefit.

Check out our discounts page for more information: https://jacs-babycarrier.com/pages/discount-offers .