About Us


The JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System was created to offer a versatile and highly functional babycarrying system primarily for Dads, and geared towards parents with an active outdoor lifestyle. Complete with a variety of interchangeable equipment carrying components and attachable accessories, with a JACS babycarrying just got easier.

Scott Haslam, the Founder of Babyjacs UK Limited, first had the inspiration for The JACS after taking his son Jack (now 7 years old) on his first plane journey when he was 6 months old.

Travelling with a market-leading baby-carrier, Scott found that he still had to rely on using non-compatible shoulder bags or backpacks to carry all of the accessories and equipment needed to care for Jack, along with everything else needed for taking a flight.

Using gear that didn't work together was neither comfortable, practical, or a good look - leading to the first design of a modular baby and equipment carrying system built for Dads, and the founding of BabyJACS UK Ltd.

From the original concept in 2012, The JACS has been further developed, with design updates and extra functionality and add-on products introduced to the carrier and the JACS range.

JACS gear is built for the extreme challenges of parenting, offering an alternative to the traditional "designed with mums in mind" and unisex baby-carriers available.  

Constructed from super-tough military grade materials, and designed with in-built intuitive functionality, The JACS offers parents a complete babycarrying system that is uniquely Modular, Adaptable, Durable, and Expandable. 

With up to 12 different system set-up options to choose from, a JACS can be adapted for your needs, and is the only babycarrier that has a life beyond babycarrying. It's the only babycarrier in the world that can be used for all sorts of non-babycarrying activities!

In addition to the current product range, we'reconstantly developing additions to our range of attachable accessories, ensuring The JACS is adaptable to any baby-carrying challenge ..... and more.