Modified Custom JACS Special Package


Looking to add even more bespoke detail to your Custom JACS?

Then choose the Modified Custom JACS Special Package option. Not only can you choose your own personalised colour or camo pattern for your JACS, but you can also add some design features to make your babycarrier truly unique.

Want to add some MOLLE straps here and there, have a different style pouch on the carrier, or have a higher capacity backpack? 

Send us an email to and we'll let you know what can and cannot be modified. As long as the changes do not impact the fully safety tested basic design of the JACS, and do not pose a risk to the passenger or wearer, we'll work with you to fine tune your requirements.

Previous Modified Custom JACS orders have included the following design features:

Additional harness 50mm side straps with 2 part tri-glide buckles

All-MOLLE carrier unit front with Velcro fronted MOLLE

Additional IFAK Pouch built to customer specification (extra charge applies)

Extra MOLLE loops on the chest pouch pockets

Check out some of the images on this page to see what might work for you!

We have a range of colour/camo patterns available to choose from, all manufactured using the same high quality 1000D Nylon Cordura outer material as our existing range. Choose from one of the camo patterns available on this page, or email us with a specific colour/pattern request, and we'll see if we can match it.

You can also pick your own preferred air-mesh lining/padding and webbing/buckle colours to suit your design from a choice of 4 colour options.

The JACS Modified Custom Complete Package options come with the same full range of components included in our standard Complete Package, giving you everything needed to adapt the system to your baby-carrying missions. With more than the 11 configuration options that our Complete Package has, thanks to the extra add-on components that come with this package, you can set up your Custom or Modified JACS to be ready for anything.

The Modified Custom Complete Package consists of the harness, baby-carrier (including 2 x removable liners), and standard 12 litre backpack, plus the chest-pouch and back-carry straps, giving you the flexibility to both front and back carry.  

You'll also receive an infant insert pad for providing additional padding to the carrier when carrying newborns or smaller babies, a rain/sun screen for the babycarrier, and a pair of attachable footrest stirrups for supporting the legs and hips of growing toddlers - all in the same spec material matching your chosen colour or camo pattern.

Manufactured to an exacting high standard using military grade materials, the Modified Custom JACS Special Package provides you with everything you need to take your parenting adventures to the next level, and truly stand out from the crowd with a one of a kind carrier system.


1 x Harness 

1 x Baby-Carrier

1 x 12 Litre Backpack

1 x Chest-Pouch 

2 x Baby-Carrier Liner

2 x Back-Carry Straps

1 x Rain/Sun Screen

2 x Footrest Stirrups

1 x Infant Insert Pad


Material -  1000D Cordura Outer / Air-Mesh Inner / Nylon Webbing Straps / 100% Cotton Baby-Carrier Liner

Connections - 25mm Side Release Buckles / 2 x Karabiners (metal) / 50mm Ladder Locks

Colour - Custom Outer / Custom Inner / Custom Detail (straps/buckles/edging strips/embroidery)


EN 13209-2:2005 Safety Tested

Lifetime Warranty


Available to pre-order as this product is a bespoke item made to the customers specification. Estimated delivery 90 days from date of order.

Free Delivery Worldwide

Please note that our 30 Day Returns Policy does not apply to custom orders.


Why is the price for a Modified Custom JACS higher - you might ask?

Each custom order is individually hand made to order by a single skilled craftperson, and is a very labour intensive process - especially when adapting the standard JACS design with various modifications for individual orders.

The cost of materials is also higher for bespoke orders, as we only buy the fabrics and other items chosen by the customer in small quantities - enough for that order only - so we do not get usual high volume discounted prices that we pay for a bulk production of JACS.

We also include extra components. Each custom order comes complete with our new add-on product bundle.

We've priced the Modified Custom JACS as low as we possibly can, so you can still get a great high quality bespoke product - designed and made just for you - at the best price available.

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