JACS PVC Tactical Patches


Designed by JACSters - and brought to you by JACS!

How to make your JACS Babycarrier even cooler than it already is ..... all you need to do is slap a patch on it!

We ran a "Design a Patch" challenge for members of our JACS Owners Group on Facebook in early 2018. The group members sent in their ideas for patch designs, and the other members voted for their favourites.

The idea was to turn the most popular patch into reality - but so many fantastic ideas and drawings were submitted that we decided to get the top 3 produced.

The three winning designs became the first patches we added to the range - and now we've added four more patches to the range. One new embroidered patch - and three PVC patches.

All the designs available here are unique to JACS - and have been created by our very own super talented and amazing customers. You won't find these designs for sale anywhere else.

We think that they are awesome - and are pretty much guaranteed to put a big smile on your face, and anyone else's face that sees them when you're on your JACS adventures.

These three patches are in PVC/Rubber and have a Velcro hook backing panel, ready for you to stick it straight on to your JACS. 

Our Babycarrier unit and backpack both have a handy Velcro loop patch ready and waiting for you to start adding your favourite patches to them. 

Stick it on your JACS ..... or on your other gear. If it has a Velcro loop patch on it - you can add your JACS patches to it. 

Patch 1 - First Born: 

Size - 5.5cm (w) x 9cm (h)

Colour - White Detail on Red Background with Yellow Text on Black Background

Material - PVC, and Velcro hook backing panel 

Patch 2 - Minime: 

Size - 10cm (w) x 5cm (h)

Colour - Orange and White Text + Orange, White and Bklack Detail on Brown Background

Material - PVC, and Velcro hook backing panel 

Patch 3 - JACS Owners Club (exclusive to club members only)*:

* This patch is only available to order by members of the JACS Club House owners group on Facebook. Non-members orders will be refunded and will not be dispatched. 

Size - 7cm (w) x 9cm (h)

Colour - Orange Detail on Black Background

Material - PVC, and Velcro hook backing panel 


In stock and ready to ship right now.

Shipping not included in purchase price.

Orders will be dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class or International Standard Mail. 


Our PVC patches are produced by patch-werk


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