Baby Carrier Cotton Liner Pack - Camo


Twin-pack of replacement/spare removable baby-carrier liners.

Your JACS already comes with at least one removable cotton liner for the babycarrier, depending on which package was purchased. Plus, the carrier can also be used without a liner, if needed, thanks to its padded air-mesh inner material.

But it's always useful to have at least one spare cotton liner at hand for those unexpected "accidents" - enabling easy changing/washing in the event of a nappy leak, without the need to wash the carrier unit as a whole. 

A spare liner can easily be stored in the cargo pouch of the babycarrier, for when you're on the go.

Whether you need a couple of spares when you're out and about, or to make sure that you're not stuck without a fresh liner for your JACS in between laundry days – a twin pack of replacement cotton liners is always good to have.


2 x Baby-Carrier Liners


Material -  100% cotton 

Colour - Grey

Velcro - Green "hook" strip

Weight - 85g


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