New Add-On Products - Available to Pre-Order January 24, 2018 21:58

When we first designed the JACS - we made sure it was future-proofed for all of the accessories we aimed to bring out as the business grew.

It's not just the MOLLE straps that make a JACS the most versatile babycarrier there is. We built in a few extra features to make sure that a whole range of add-on products could be developed to integrate with your carrier system, and make it even more functional.

We've listened to the feedback and suggestions from our customers, and have used this to help us decide which product ideas to focus on first.

So, coming soon - the JACS attachable sun/rain screen, height adjustable footrest stirrups, and infant insert pad.

All available to pre-order in Black and Marpat Camo (click links). Delivery estimated mid-April 2018.